Document Extension Size Title
Declaration regarding applicants qualification docx 60.37 KB Innovation vouchers
Guidelines pdf 554.37 KB Innovation vouchers
List of service providers pdf 1.49 MB Innovation vouchers
Business Plan - FR docx 38.83 KB Innovative Starters Award
Déclaration taille PME pdf 153.86 KB Innovative Starters Award
Business Plan - NL docx 38.85 KB Innovative Starters Award
Informatieverklaring ondernemingsgrootte van de aanvrager pdf 140.42 KB Innovative Starters Award
Project Outline: form docx 361.03 KB Joint R&D Project (The Industry of Tomorrow: Green, Human & Smart)
Form docx 120.54 KB Proof of Business
Funding application - General information (Part 1) docx 77.08 KB Proof of Concept
Funding application - Project, team & valorisation (Part 2) docx 82.06 KB Proof of Concept
Funding application - Reglement pdf 387.57 KB Proof of Concept
Declaration regarding applicant qualification docx 60.4 KB Proof of Concept
Intermediate activity report docx 53.56 KB Proof of Concept
Final activity report docx 63.45 KB Proof of Concept
Template proposals doc 185.5 KB Prospective Research
Regulation and topic pdf 338.49 KB Prospective Research
Declaration of the applicant's qualification docx 75.06 KB Prospective Research
Budget (FR/NL) xlsx 17.24 KB Prospective Research
Form docx 476.22 KB Feasibility Studies

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