Document Extension Size Title
Spin-off (budget) xlsx 11.75 KB Spin-off
Spin-off (budget-admissibility) docx 38.07 KB Spin-off
Spin-off follow-up business report docx 42.43 KB Spin-off
CanSat poster 2020-2021 pdf 673.49 KB CanSat Belgium
Form TYI docx 33.64 KB Test your idea
Formulaire Corporate spin-off docx 118.72 KB Corporate spin-off
Taille de l'entreprise pdf 153.86 KB Corporate spin-off
Regulations pdf 469.24 KB Experimental Platforms
Info session 04/02/2020 pdf 563.25 KB European Digital Innovation Hubs
European Digital Innovation Hub: form docx 506.41 KB European Digital Innovation Hubs
Form docx 131.31 KB R&D Project - Covid-19   
Clinical validation form docx 53.2 KB R&D Project - Covid-19   
Application Form docx 71.58 KB Prove your social innovation
Provisional budget xlsx 13.11 KB Prove your social innovation
PPT info session october 2020 pdf 1.5 MB Prove your social innovation
Rules PYSI docx 43.95 KB Prove your social innovation
Application Form docx 127.21 KB BEL-COO
Guidelines docx 96.25 KB BEL-COO

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