Do you want to combine theory and practice? Then take advantage of a partnership between our region’s academic institutions and its industry. Receive 100% funding for your doctoral project carried out in collaboration with a company or an administrative authority.

Are you eligible?

  • Your research organisation, which must apply for the research funding on your behalf (university, university college or research centre), has its main office in the Brussels-Capital Region.
  • The partner entity is a company or administrative authority, with its main office in the Brussels-Capital Region.
  • The candidate's degree allows him to carry out a PhD. He must not have already enrolled for a PhD prior to the project’s submission.
  • While conducting the PhD,the researcher must spend at least 50% of his time working for the partner company or public authority. He shall be supervised by a professor or researcher (supervisor) of your research organisation, and a supervisor of the company or administrative authority.


Find out more about the criteria for eligibility in our regulations.

All documents ara available in French and Dutch

The procedure in 3 steps

  • The project’s supervisor submits the project for approval to the organisation’s authorities.
  • The research organisation then submits the application to Innoviris by April 30 2020 at noon using this form. 
  • The application is evaluated by a jury of scientific experts, based on the submitted documents and an interview, in accordance with the criteria set out in the regulations.


Other information

The research funding covers 100% of the researcher’s grant or salary, as well as operating expenses relating to the work conducted within the research organisation and general expenses. The researcher is thus hired (100%) by the beneficiary research organisation for the whole period of the PhD project.

The PhD project may last no more than four years.

The Technological Transfer Office or R&D department of your research organisation may provide funding to help set up the project and for maintaining the relations between the partners, as well as for the coordination of your application.

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