Do you want to set up an R&D project with Flemish or Walloon SMEs? Apply for the BEL-SME programme and obtain funding that covers anywhere between 35% to 70% of the cost.

BEL-SME is an initiative piloted by Innoviris, the Service Public de Wallonie and Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship (VLAIO) to promote collaborations between Belgian SME across the various regions with a joint call for transregional projects.

Are you eligible?

To be selected, your proposal must:

  • be aimed at developing innovative products, processes or services, with a clear market potential. 
  • must involve at least two SMEs from two different Belgian regions, that are equal partners in the project.

Brussels SMEs must:

  • develop all or part of their activities in the Brussels-Capital Region.
  • present a project that is likely to have a favourable impact on the economy, employment or sustainable development in the Brussels-Capital Region.

Find out more about the conditions for eligibility in our regulations below..

The procedure in 3 steps

The BEL-SME programme supports joint projects but the funding and evaluation is decentralised, and the competence of the regional institutions. 

  • You submit a joint form (see below), with the partner SME(s), outlining the collaboration and a draft consortium agreement.
  • As a partner SME in the Brussels-Capital Region, you must apply for funding using the regional form supplied by Innoviris.
  • Your project will be evaluated by the funding agencies of each involved partner, which will take a joint decision.

Other information

Your company must have fulfilled its obligations under previous grants awarded by the Region and must demonstrate its ability to fund its share of the project expenses.

You can find information about the funding by the Flemish and Walloon partners online on the website of Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship and the Service Public de Wallonie.

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16 December 2019 - 14:00
Havenlaan - Avenue du port 88, 1000 Brussels

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