Do you want to experiment and propose innovative solutions to help Brussels on its way to a sustainable future? Our funding can support you to experiment together with other stakeholders and to test innovative solutions in a real environment.

The first phase, in which you could submit a 'project outline', has already been completed. Innoviris has selected 6 platforms to set up a project around experimental solutions that can contribute to a sustainable future. These solutions cover different areas: education, circular economy, energy performance, environmental management, green mobility.

These platforms must now concretize and choose several complementary Living Labs around the same experimental solution. They also have to ensure the coordination between the different solutions and support the collaboration between the different partners involved in the Living Labs. Only for these platforms a Full Proposal can be submitted.

If you wish to develop or participate in a Living Lab, please contact directly the person in charge. As an alternative to the information session, we have set up a forum where we will answer all your questions in writing. In addition, a specific webinar for each platform will be organised shortly to allow you to participate in a project-specific match-making. Dates and information can be found here.

The selected platforms that can submit a Full Proposal are:


  • Habile Kids: tool for children and adolescents to work together
    Platform coordinated by the INFORSCIENCES Department of ULB                  £


  • Smart Water: extensive system for the monitoring of the quality of water
    Platform coordinated by BASS - ULB                                                                         


  • Carbone: recovery of green waste from public places
    Platform coordinated by the Centre d'écologie urbaine asbl           


  • Smart Charging Point: infrastructure and use of charging stations for electric vehicles
    Platform coordinated by MOBI-VUB                                                                   


  • Zinne Experiments: relocation of economic activities through alternative local currency 
    Platform coordinated by Financité                                                           


  • Be-Deep: performance and measures of insulation materials in the construction sector
    Platform coordinated by Architecture et Climat - UCL    
  • Brusseau Bis : alternative stormwater management system
    Platform coordinated by Les Etats Généraux de l’Eau à Bruxelles              
    Contact :


Are you eligible?

You are eligible if you are one of the following:

  • a company with its registered office or a head office in the Brussels-Capital Region.
  • a non-profit organisation, with its registered office or head office in the Brussels-Capital Region.
  • a research organisation (university, university college or research centre) in the Brussels-Capital Region.

Find out more about the terms and conditions for eligibility in our regulations.


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