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Clinical validation form docx 53.2 KB R&D projects
form and guidelines docx 482.12 KB R&D projects
How to calculate the size of your company pdf 140.94 KB R&D projects
How to benefit for the bonus for effective co-operation pdf 304 KB R&D projects
How to write a progress report docx 58.12 KB R&D projects
form_joint_rd_project_2021.docx docx 313.13 KB R&D projects
Rules Spin-off 2021 pdf 378.72 KB Spin-off
Form Spin-off (part 1) docx 79.83 KB Spin-off
Form Spin-off (part 2) docx 90.87 KB Spin-off
Spin-off (appendix signatures) docx 39.58 KB Spin-off
Spin-off (appendix sponsors) docx 37.77 KB Spin-off
Spin-off (budget) xlsx 11.75 KB Spin-off
Spin-off (budget-admissibility) docx 38.07 KB Spin-off
Spin-off follow-up business report docx 42.43 KB Spin-off
CanSat poster 2020-2021 pdf 673.49 KB CanSat Belgium
Form TYI docx 33.64 KB Test your idea
Formulaire Corporate spin-off docx 118.72 KB Corporate spin-off
Taille de l'entreprise pdf 153.86 KB Corporate spin-off
Regulations pdf 469.24 KB Experimental Platforms
Info session 04/02/2020 pdf 563.25 KB European Digital Innovation Hubs

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