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innoviris_prospective_research_policy_brief_wojciech_keblowski.pdf pdf 235.97 KB Fare-free public transport: critical lessons from multiple sites
innoviris_prospective_research_policy_brief_emily_verte.pdf pdf 355.52 KB Inclusive care in Brussels, the way to go
innoviris_prospective_research_policy_brief_jesse_zaman.pdf pdf 289.18 KB A Reconfigurable Citizen Observatory Platform for the Brussels Capital Region
R&D projects guide pdf 33.3 KB R&D projects guide
tyi-preliminarynote.docx docx 73.12 KB TYI - Preliminary note
Catalogue scientific activities Brussels pdf 3.46 MB Catalogue science promotion network
proof_of_concept_form.docx docx 136.26 KB Proof of concept form
Intermediate activity report docx 53.56 KB Proof of concept intermediate activity report
Final activity report docx 63.45 KB Proof of concept final activity report
Form TYI docx 64.48 KB Test your idea
Matchmaking med4cure pdf 274.34 KB IPCEI Health - Call for expression of interest
Presentation Innovation Vouchers 2023 pdf 481.41 KB Innovation vouchers: call for applications research centres
presentation_ivoc_2020_-_long_version.pdf pdf 505.24 KB Innovation Vouchers webinar 2020
Form docx 143.59 KB Prove your social innovation
Provisional budget xlsx 13.69 KB Prove your social innovation
Rules PYSI docx 47.48 KB Prove your social innovation
FAQ docx 18.71 KB Prove your social innovation
business_plan_-_swap.eat_.pdf pdf 15.21 MB Business plan - Swap.Eat
an_exploratory_research_into_the_impact_of_circular_economy_on_enterprise_resilience.pdf pdf 1.54 MB An Exploratory Research into the Impact of Circular Economy on Enterprise Resilience
valoriser_le_vide_-_competence_credibilite_attractivite-quand_les_proprietaires_se_grandissent_grace_a_loccupation_temporaire.pdf pdf 2.19 MB VALORISER LE VIDE - Compétence, crédibilité, attractivité-quand les propriétaires (se) grandissent grâce à l'occupation temporaire

Brussels, City of Innovators

With the support of Innoviris, their skills, their innovative ideas and their enthusiasm boost evolution in the Brussels-Capital Region. Meet the innovators that shape the future of Brussels.
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