Until 08 July 2022, projects that want to have a chance at this valuable funding can be submitted.

Young companies with innovative projects are often change makers with a real sustainable impact within their field and beyond. Securing a place in the market remains a challenge where funding can provide the tipping point, both as a start-up and as a growth company. Brussels continues to focus on stimulating and financing start-ups and scale-ups. Innoviris is launching the 12th edition of the successful funding programme Innovative Starters Award (ISA). 

This 'Award' is not just a prestigious statuette or a podium, but a substantial financing of EUR 500 000 for the laureates of the programme.

The Brussels government puts those first interested euros on the table, which serve as a door opener to realise the Strategic Innovation Plan of a start-up and can attract future investors who can confidently support groundbreaking projects. Since the launch of the ISA in 2010, almost 30 start-ups and scale-ups such as Collibra, Citizenlab or Fyteko have successfully grown in various fields, both within and far beyond our borders. 

Until 08 July 2022, ambitious projects that want to have a chance at this valuable funding can be submitted. All information about the programme and application is available here.


Our first Innovative Startup Event 

 The very first Innovative Startup Event in Brussels with opportunities to connect, share and get inspired last may was sold-out. A day packed with opportunities for startups and scale-ups in Brussels:

State Secretary Barbara Trachte kicked off the event with her keynote "The Future is Innovative": how can innovation contribute to the Shifting Economy in the Brussels-Capital Region, and what role can young companies play in it? 

Stefaan Sonck Thiebaut, our Director-General, highlighted the six strategic innovation areas of the Regional Innovation Plan 2021-2027 with opportunities for innovative start-ups and scale-ups.  Followed by our advisor François Billen who zoomed in on our Innovative Starters Award, which gives young ambitious entrepreneurs the chance of financial support for the realisation of their Strategic Innovation Plan. 

What impact does public funding such as the ISA have on Brussels businesses? Three ISA laureates round the table and talk about their experiences during an animated panel discussion.  Did the ISA stimulate them in the development of their innovative solutions or for attracting new talent? How does the award serve as a lever to attract new investors? A lively talk spiced with their experience, the thresholds and the wins. Lots of gratitude to participants of our panel talk: 

  • Aline Muylaert, Head of Government Relations & Co-Founder, Citizenlab (2019 laureate)
  • Christophe Chatillon, Founder, uWare Robotics (laureate 2020)
  • Louis Collinet, CEO & cofounder Tapio (laureate 2021)





Innovative Starters Award - Axiles Bionics & Tapio

Growing Brussels start-up? You can benefit from a financial boost worth €500,000 by participating in our Innovative Starters Award !

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