Innoviris has launched the third edition of WATS - Women Award in Technology and Science. This initiative allows to highlight inspiring women scientists in order to encourage vocations among young girls and women in Brussels. It is up to the public to elect the Ambassador of Science by voting via Innoviris' social media or by coming to participate in the WATS Talks during the I Love Science Festival 2022 which will be held from October 14 to 16 at Tour & Taxis.

The Women Award in Technology and Sciences (WATS) is a unique initiative through which Innoviris puts female scientists and innovators in the spotlight, as an inspiration for the next generation of female researchers, scientists and innovators.

Engaging role models can provide that one meaningful tipping point when we are faced with choices. The candidates for WATS also testify that it was not natural for them to follow a STEM education and become a scientist, in part because of a lack of references to emulate.

To reverse this persistent trend, Innoviris is looking for an enthusiastic ambassadress in Brussels who will immerse young people in the wonderful world of science and technology. The goal is to help more young girls and women discover their talent and opportunities in STEM disciplines, at school and during their careers to make a positive difference with impact.

Who are the candidates? 

Four scientists are taking their chances to win the coveted WATS. A title, a mission and a prize of 10 000 EUR to support them in their ambitions.

For this edition, 4 candidates working in various fields present themselves:

How to vote for the new Science Ambassadress ? 

1) The public participates in the election of the Ambassador of Science by voting via our social media starting September 14. Each candidate introduces herself in a short video in which she presents her background, her impact and her ambition. Voting is done by "liking" the videos available on our Facebook and Instagram pages.


2) Participate in the first ever WATS Talks during the I Love Science Festival, October 14-16! An opportunity to meet the candidates, to participate in their workshops and to ask them all your questions. Tablets will be available for you to vote for your favorite candidate.

After the votes have been counted online and in person, the name of the new Brussels Science Ambassador will be announced at the I Love Science Festival at 2pm.

Download the WATS poster here!

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