Resilience, social and ecological justice, crises, re-enchantment, humanisation, ecological reorientation, degrowth, sustainability, austerity, etc. are all words that characterise social and ecological transition. Are you concerned about our future? Would you like to explore these paths? Become a co-researcher! Through the "Co-Creation" programme, Innoviris supports researchers in social and ecological transition.
The Co-Creation programme has been revamped and is now an open call.

Would you like to know more about the Co-Creation programme? Please contact us or invite us to come and talk about it in your community.

Are you eligible?

You are eligible if you are one of the following:

  • SME's with a registered office or a head office in the Brussels-Capital Region;
  • non-profit organisations with a registered office or head office in the Brussels-Capital Region;
  • research organisations (university, university college or research centre) in the Brussels-Capital Region;
  • local and regional administrative authorities in the Brussels-Capital Region.

Find out more about the terms and conditions for eligibility in our regulations (only in french and dutch).

The procedure?

Full details of the procedure can be found in the terms and conditions for eligibility in our regulations (only in french and dutch).


Other information

  • A project of co-problematisation of up to 15 months to better understand the problem and social need, develop a state of knowledge, together with different actors of change: actors involved in or affected by the intended change. The aim is to establish new dialogues, broaden perspectives, identify levers to be used, enrich and even adapt views.
  • A co-research project to conduct a co-research project with the actors involved in the change.
  • After submitting your grant application, you will receive confirmation of your application within 2 hours. If you do not receive such confirmation, you must contact us in any case.

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