For 2023, the call is currently closed, it will reopen at the beginning of 2024.

Do you want to experiment and propose innovative solutions to help Brussels on its way to a sustainable future? Our funding can support you to experiment together with other stakeholders and to test innovative solutions in a real environment.


The objective of the EPF programme is to enable innovators (businesses, public services, associations, research centres) to test an innovative system in a real environment. This can be a new product or service, a technical system, a new form of organisation, a new production process, etc., as long as it contributes to the sustainable development of its ecosystem, and by extension, as long as it benefits the people of Brussels.

This system is tested in a real user environment, looking at similar obstacles and at its efficiency. This means that there will be no more major design or research work, but instead work on its concrete development. Experiments are carried out in an iterative way to check that the system works properly and to remove the last possible obstacles. This way, it can be implemented at the end of the project. 

We talk about development in a living lab because it is an uncontrolled experimental environment. So it is not an environment like a laboratory or it is not a reproduction of reality like a test site; the real context of use will serve as the working environment. In this way, the complexity and the interactions with the users will be further investigated and it will be possible to provide better feedback.

On 18 May 2022, from 10 AM to 12 PM, we are organising an infosession to explain the programme and to answer all your questions.
No registration needed.

Below are some recently submitted projects to give you an idea of the systems that will be tested within the EPF programme:

  • Habile Kids: tool for children and adolescents to work together
  • Smart Water: extensive system for the monitoring of the quality of water
  • Carbone: recovery of green waste from public places
  • Smart Charging Point: infrastructure and use of charging stations for electric vehicles
  • Zinne Experiments: relocation of economic activities through alternative local currency 
  • Be-Deep: performance and measures of insulation materials in the construction sector
  • ​​Brusseau Bis : alternative stormwater management system

Are you eligible?

You are eligible if you are one of the following:

  • a company with its registered office or a head office in the Brussels-Capital Region;
  • a non-profit organisation, with its registered office or head office in the Brussels-Capital Region;
  • a research organisation (university, university college or research centre) in the Brussels-Capital Region;
  • a regional or local public service in the Brussels-Capital Region.

Find out more about the terms and conditions for eligibility in our regulations.

All the documents ara available in French and in Dutch.


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