The energy transition and the transition to a low carbon economy require a differentiated and complementary energy mix with innovative solutions. Given the strategic nature of hydrogen's potential, the future development of this economic sector depends on the emergence of a Belgian and European industrial offer. Since industrial policy and the approach to energy issues must be consistent with the integrated strategy of the Green Deal, hydrogen is crucial.

Official call for expressions of interest (CEI) from the Belgian authorities.

This call for proposals tend to economic operators established in Belgium who wish to participate in innovative projects on a European scale through various partnerships in the European economic value chain. The aim of the CEI is to identify the actors that could participate, on the Belgian territory, in these European scale projects based on the conception and production in the European Union (EU) of hydrogen-based energy solutions.


Currently there is no IPCEI Hydrogen. This call for expressions of interest does not imply any involvement of Belgium in a possible future IPCEI Hydrogen.

With this call for expressions of interest, the Belgian federal and regional authorities are taking a pro-active stance and they wish in the first place to be able to take a well-founded decision on participation in the IPCEI Hydrogen on the basis of the information received. The call therefore does not involve any funding.

If it is decided, on the basis of the information received, to participate in an IPCEI Hydrogen, compliance with the procedures and submission of the required documents will still be necessary to consider an application.


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