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In the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, Innoviris aims to encourage and support research and industrial innovation to tackle this health crisis without precedent. 

This programme is intended for R&D projects targeting the Covid virus in the following areas: 

  • Vaccines 
  • Drugs and Treatments 
  • Medical Devices 
  • Manufacturers and medical equipment/hospital facilities (including ventilators, protective clothing, diagnostic equipment, disinfectants and their intermediate products) 

The aid will be granted in accordance with Commission Communication 2020/C 112 I/01 on the amendment of the temporary framework for State aid measures to support the economy in the context of the current VIDOC outbreak-19. 

Exceptional conditions: 

Due to this exceptional health crisis, projects with a significant impact on the Covid-19 pandemic are subject to the following special conditions:  

  • A funding rate of 80% for all projects, whether industrial or experimental, and independent of the size of the company; 
  • A 15% increase in the funding rate for cross-border collaborations, only with research centres or other companies; 
  • Possibility of funding retroactively to 01/02/2020 for all projects started before the submission date. 

The support from Innoviris covers the R&D costs, costs related to a patent application and the clinical validations of these activities. 

These conditions apply to any project submitted under this programme before 1 August 2020. 


Are you eligible? 

  • You are a company with at least one operating base in the Brussels-Capital Region; 
  • Your R&D project aims at the development, finishing or implementation of an innovative product, process that offers a solution to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic; 
  • Your company is not in difficulty, in accordance with the European legislation of 31/12/2019, in the sense of the General Block Exemption Regulation; 
  • You can show your ability to fund your share of the cost of the program. 
  • You have fulfilled your obligations under previous funding granted by the Brussels-Capital Region. 
  • On completion of the project, the aid beneficiary undertakes to grant non-exclusive licences to third parties within the European Economic Area under non-discriminatory market conditions. 

Aid intensity 

Projects are funded by Innoviris up to a maximum of 80% of eligible costs. 

The aid intensity for industrial research and experimental development may be increased by 15 percentage points, if more than one Member State supports the research project, or it is carried out in cross-border collaboration with research organisations or other undertakings; 

The Beneficiary must provide proof that it will be able to finance the remaining of the project budget from private funds. 

Aid under this measure may be combined with support from other sources for the same eligible costs, provided the combined aid does not exceed the ceilings defined above. 


Eligible costs 

Eligible costs may refer to all the costs necessary for the R&D project during its duration, including amongst others, 

  • personnel costs,  
  • costs for digital and computing equipment, for diagnostic tools, for data collection and processing tools,  
  • costs for R&D services, for pre-clinical and clinical trials (trial phases I-II),  
  • cost for obtaining, validating and defending patents and other intangible assets, for obtaining the conformity assessments and/or authorisations necessary for the marketing of new and improved vaccines and medicinal products, medical devices, hospital and medical equipment, disinfectants, and personal protective equipment.

The procedure in 3 steps 

  • Submit the application form electronically by filling out the form at the bottom of this page 
  • If your project is eligible, our consultants will analyse your application based on the following criteria: 
    • Relevance of the project's solution to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic; 
    • level of innovation and positioning against the state of the art; 
    • feasibility and elaboration of the project; 
    • business strategy and commercial prospects; 
    • impact of the project on the Region. 

During the evaluation, a meeting will be organised between Innoviris and the project managers.  

If your application is evaluated positively, it will be presented to the government for funding, which will be granted in several instalments during the implementation of the project. 

Other information 

Funding may be granted in the form of a subsidy. 

If your project requires an initial phase of clinical validation, Innoviris can partially fund this under certain conditions. See the clinical validation form below. 

If you want to check beforehand with Innoviris whether your project qualifies, you can have your idea tested via the Test Your Idea tool. 





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