Do you want to get young people excited for science by tackling the subject of food? Obtain funding to carry out your STEM micro-project on the theme of "Science & Food".

Are you eligible?

  • You are an entity or structure established in the Brussels-Capital Region.
  • The main objective of your project is to raise awareness among young people or the public about science and technology, with original initiatives and activities.
  • Your project consists of a free initiative or activity that targets all the people of Brussels.

Find out more about the terms and conditions for eligibility in our regulations.

The procedure in 3 steps

Alle documents are available in French and Dutch.

  • Download the application form below or submit your application via IRISbox. To do the latter, follow the guidelines below. 
    • Register your organization once on CSAM. If your organization is already registered on CSAM for other federal or regional services, you can skip this step. Do you need help with this step of the procedure ? Consult the manual or contact CSAM.
    • As an employee of your organization, log in to IRISbox via Itsme or eID. You can add other employees if necessary. Do you need help with this step of the procedure ? Please contact Irisline.
    • Go to the STEM project application form via the search bar of Innoviris and fill in the form online. Do you need help filling in the form? Contact the Innoviris contact person.
  • In your application, you are expected to present the methodology of the project, the pedagogical approach planned to achieve the objective and the expected impact.
  • A jury establishes a ranking of eligible projects according to various criteria: relevance, link with the theme, efforts to raise the awareness of vulnerable groups, etc.

The procedure is explained in the regulations.  

All documents are available in French and Dutch.

Other information

Collaborations of two or more partners that are eligible for funding for the same action will be given priority.

The grant may not exceed €6,000. The threshold for projects involving several partners shall be increased to up to

  • €14,000 for every project set up by two partners; 
  • €22,000 for every project set up by three partners; 
  • €30,000 for every project set up by four partners. 

If necessary, the promoter must demonstrate that he has potential additional resources to develop the project. 

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