In July 2016, the Government of the Brussels Capital Region approved the new Regional Innovation Plan 2016-2020. With this plan, Brussels is aiming to become the capital of innovation. That is why Brussels has also opted for a 'smart specialisation strategy', whereby local forces are supported for the benefit of the inhabitants of Brussels. The plan aims to be the framework of reference for the research and innovation policy and a catalyst for socio-economic development, while also promoting the welfare of the inhabitants of Brussels.

The Regional Innovation Plan is the upshot of a comprehensive and inclusive process. More than 200 people from different sectors were consulted, including companies, colleges and universities, (regional) public institutions, representatives of the other Belgian Regions and Communities, professional associations and civil society. This inclusive approach ensures broad-based support for the Brussels research and innovation ecosystem.

The exercise has culminated a synthetic plan that is structured along four transversal, strategic axes:

  • Improving the innovation chain
  • Supporting new forms of innovation and new innovation players
  • Improving communication on and raising awareness of the Regional Innovation Plan
  • Ensuring a more inclusive and effective governance of the Regional Innovation Plan

The plan pays particular attention to three strategic priority areas that reflect the Region’s strengths. These areas can, in fact, also create leverage for welfare in Brussels.  

  • Health - Personalised medicine
  • Environment - Green economy
  • ICT – Digital economy

The files are available in French en Dutch

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