Accessibility statement for the new Innoviris website

During the website development, Innoviris applied the Ordinance of 8 December 2016 on the requirements in terms of the accessibility of the websites and mobile applications of the regional public bodies and the municipalities of the Brussels-Capital Region.

Most of the measures set out in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 level AA have already been applied to the Innoviris website. Innoviris will take the necessary steps to comply with all obligations by 23 September 2019 at the latest.

Users of the website will have the opportunity to give their opinion about its accessibility using the contact form.


The Innoviris website is available in three languages (French, Dutch and English). The language used is simple and clear. Any abbreviation is explained on each new page of the site. The layout used is the one as predefined in the text editor. A call to action is always descriptive without referencing a colour or the position of an element on the website.

The website pages are clearly structured by:

  • The use of real titles
  • Writing relevant and informative titles
  • The use of true bulleted or numbered lists


Links are marked by using a different colour to the rest of the text. They are also underlined.


Decorative images are ignored by screen readers.

The Innoviris website currently contains almost no complex or information-bearing images. Innoviris will take the necessary measures to ensure that this type of image is accompanied by a text alternative or replacement text before the deadline of 23 September 2019.


The Innoviris website does not have any audio content apart from the audio in videos (see information below).


The videos, which provide information other than that accessible in text format, are subtitled in the video’s language and, if necessary, in a second language.

Currently, the video player is embedded which is not compliant with the Region’s obligations in terms of accessibility. An alternative will be provided: an image with a play button will be integrated into the website page. By clicking the button, the user will open a second window containing a video player. The video will not begin playing automatically.


There are no tables currently provided on the website.


A digitalisation of the administrative procedure for monitoring applications (from the submission of an application to the payment of financial support) is planned, starting in 2019, using the platform.

This service platform, developed by the IT Centre for the Brussels Region, is currently being upgraded to comply with the order on digital accessibility. It already complies with certain principles such as accessibility via mobile devices, responsiveness, coding assistance and simplicity. However, other points are in the process of being adapted such as technical terminology and the use of grids/tables.

More information is available on the IRISbox portal or through its Service Manager, Bastien Van Aelst –

Other web forms on the Innoviris website are developed so that they are accessible to all.


The colours used on the web site are part of the Innoviris graphic charter.

Innoviris has chosen dark blue as the principal colour which contrasts well with the white used for the text pages.

The selected font is suitable for web use. The text is not justified and unconventional characters such as cursive fonts are avoided.

Adaptable content

The Innoviris website adapts to the user’s screen. Additional development is planned so that the user can zoom in to a minimum of 200%.

The Innoviris website is responsive on tablets and smartphones.

Additional development is planned for 23 September 2019 at the latest, to allow the user to change the spaces between letters, words, lines and paragraphs without information loss.

A button has been used to avoid issues related to movement detection.

Keyboard navigation

The keyboard navigation of the website complies with the applicable standards, but will be further finalised after the website's launch.

Disruptive elements

The user can always stop any movement on the website.

  • The banner on the home page does not change automatically, but using the arrow keys.
  • The calendar accessible on the home page is only updated if the user refreshes the page.
  • The photo gallery does not scroll automatically. The user must click the arrows displayed alongside the first image.
  • There is no time-out or pop-up planned on the Innoviris website.

Navigating the website

Website navigation is coherent and visible at each stage.

On the home page, there is a simple navigation at the top of the page. A full site map is provided at the bottom of the page.

When navigating the website, there are two types of path visible to the user:

  • A breadcrumb type navigation at the top of the page
  • A more detailed navigation by chapter in the form of a left-hand text menu.

The user can identify where they are in the main navigation at any time, through the contrasting colour used.

The user will be able to access the finance programmes by two different paths:

  • A search module displayed on the home page.
  • The ‘Get funded’ section in the main navigation.

The search module is not yet compliant with the obligations, but will be adapted.

In the meantime, the user will also be able to find the information through the ‘Get funded' page.

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