Artificial Intelligence has become a mainstream concept that is no longer the sole preserve of a community of specialist researchers. The opportunities offered by the development of artificial intelligence can significantly improve many areas, from the quality of life of citizens to the improvement of a company's performance.

The Brussels-Capital Region grasped the importance of this topic very early on and has been actively involved in a number of actions since 2016. Indeed, already in 2016, the Brussels-Capital Region, through Innoviris, carried out a first call for projects dedicated to artificial intelligence which resulted in subsidies amounting to 10,9 million euros. Since then, through its numerous aid programmes for research centres and companies, Innoviris has continued to support the field, with more than 35 million euros invested so far. 

In addition, Innoviris has contributed to the setting up and support of two major initiatives: (AI for the common good) and (Brusselse European Digital Innovation Hub, EDIH).


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