New Instagram Lives series starts on 28 March !

For this International Women's Rights Day, we may co-announce the brand new #WOMENINSTEM by Emilie Steinbach (@feedingmybrain Instagram). As science ambassador for Brussels, Emilie will launch her inspiring Instagram Lives series on 28 March 2023.


What to expect ?

#WOMENINSTEM is a series of Lives for and by girls and women in STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics): Emilie will invite a female role model in STEM every month to engage with young people via Instagram Live. A digital concept where girls and more generally young people can get direct 'live' answers to their doubts or questions. Lives that breathe reading into STEM and fuel the fire for sciences.

And why exactly?

With this #WOMENINSTEM, Emilie wants to get young women excited about training and a career in STEM.

#WOMENINSTEM is a platform for women in science. Her initiative accessible to all ages can also make the invisible sciences intertwined with our daily lives visible, concrete and understandable.

All talent remains much needed to meet societal challenges of today and tomorrow. Science sensitisation is one of Innoviris' core missions, with structural initiatives such as WATS (Woman Award in Technology & Science), Cansat and the I Love Science Festival.

Emilie won the WATS at the I Love Science Festival in October 2022 after her well-attended workshops and public vote.


How to participate ?

Very simply ! Follow Emilie Steinbach and #WOMENINSTEM via her instagram @feedingmybrain for the Insta Lives. For the first session and launch, young influencer and content creator Léa (@leajplf) will crawl into the role of interviewer to find out the ins and outs of Emilie's journey as a neuroscientist.

Join the first Live #WOMENINSTEM on Tuesday 28/03/2023 at 9pm. Everything you want to know about nutrition and our stomach as our second 'brain', with Emilie Steinbach, passionate neuroscientist illuminating the impact of our lifestyle on our brain.


Mark your agenda for the next #WOMENINSTEM

04/04/23 with Anna Pfeiffer (on sleep and the brain)

02/05/23 with Laurie Pazienza (carbon emissions and global warming)

12/06/23 with Kate STANLEY (researcher in genetics)

Photo: Emilie Steinbach, science ambassador Brussels


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