Times of transition open doors to a better future, also in healthcare.
To define the priorities and objectives of health research, Innoviris is organising a series of inspiring seminars for researchers, associations and healthcare professionals in 2023.

The inspiration sessions give us the opportunity to reflect together on current developments and evolutions in our healthcare system.

What do we want our healthcare to look like? What research paths are there?

Complementary to the series of seminars, you also have the opportunity to participate in a working group that will help develop research topics on health for future project calls that can be funded by Innoviris.

The previous seminars dealt with Introduction to Integral Health and to Social-Ecological Factors, Microbial and Micro-Biopolitical Reversals in Health Care and Social Control, Algorithms and Biomagic Power, A New Colonisation and the 3rd Way of Life, Reappropriating Health in the Anthropocene, Methodological Issues in Assessing the Complexity of Public Health Interventions.

We gladly invite you to the next inspiration seminar on 18 October from 14.00 to 5.00 PM, with Camile Besombes on Animals humans environment : One health . 

Far from being an isolated, unforeseeable event, the Covid-19 and monkeypox epidemics are part of a succession of emergences affecting the plant, animal and human worlds. These emergences are occurring in a globalized world, characterized by degraded, anthropized environments that have become "pathogenic".

Exploring the concepts of One Health and Eco Health, we will consider a multispecific health: an ecological, relational and community health that is part of the understanding of emergences, in the complexity and long time of relations between species and their environments.


We look forward to welcoming you at the Health Seminars, book your spot !

For more information, you can always contact Xavier Hulhoven, Scientific Advisor Innoviris.  

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