Three start-ups receive a coveted €500,000 subsidy for their innovative solutions

Every year, Innoviris grants the prestigious Innovative Starters Award (ISA) to 3 start-ups and scale-ups that stand out for their innovativeness and ambition. This programme provides a funding of EUR 500 000 per start-up selected. This subsidy granted by the Brussels-Capital Region aims to stimulate the local start-up ecosystem and generate significant leverage for the most promising young technology companies in Brussels.

At the previous edition, 13 candidates competed for the award with their innovative projects in line with the six strategic innovation domains of the Brussels Region.

After a thorough evaluation, the jury selected three startups with strong innovative potential and a solid vision of sustainable entrepreneurship.

Meet the winning projects of passionate young entrepreneurs:

Lileo (formerly know as Momly) is developing a portable and battery-powered breast pump connected to the phone of the mother, via bluetooth. The innovative breast pump aims to improve the often uncomfortable process of pumping milk by breastfeeding mothers along with efficiency. This innovative product is a significant step forward for the well-being of mothers and their children.  The selection underlines the Brussels Region's focus on better healthcare and more efficient use of available resources.

Sentometrics is a company focused on monitoring the Belgian media landscape to identify environmental, social and governance (ESG) events. They do this using AI to contribute to corporate social responsibility and sustainability. The company was set up as a spin-off from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, with Kris Boudt at the helm as CEO and Olivier Delmarcelle as CTO. The project came about through a collaboration with Belgian news agency Agence de Presse Belga, as part of Innoviris' Joint R&D programme. In addition, Sentometrics received funding through the SPIN-OFF programme, implemented by their university partner.

Wanit, founded by Christian Bayet, responds directly to the need for energy transition and sustainability. The company offers a high-performance preheater for hot water, which draws energy from photovoltaic solar panels.  With this, Wanit contributes to making existing buildings more energy efficient and helps people access sustainable and low-cost energy.


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