Research to Reality – Digital Solutions to European Challenges is a remarkable event that promises to shape the future of digitalization in Europe. It is organised under the Belgian presidency in cooperation with the European Commission. Save the dates for this two-day event that will take place on February 5th & 6th 2024, at The EGG in Brussels.

This event will address critical questions :

·         How can Europe’s research on digital technologies help to achieve the ambitions of its Digital Decade and of the twin transition?

·         How does Europe gain strategic leadership in key digital technologies, with real benefits for its citizens and businesses?

·         What are the challenges for creating a well-streamlined European digital funding and investment landscape, and how to overcome them?


What can you expect ?

The first day features keynotes, interactive breakout sessions and workshops aimed at creating mutual synergies between digital research in Horizon Europe and actions in the Digital Europe Programme. Inspired by current achievements and by your needs, insights and experience, we will craft concrete recommendations and actions for better aligning these major European digital funding and investment programs.


Get in contact with researchers, digital policy makers and innovative companies.


Village Immerse yourself in a showcase of best practices, unveiling the possibilities of digitalization.

Inspirational Visits

On the second day, explore the behind-the-scenes operations of Belgium's top organizations as you visit Fari, imec and Buildwise.

Culinary Delights

Enjoy a Belgian-inspired catering experience.


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