You are a social innovator, urban community association, NGO, SME, social entrepreneur; you are part of a neighbourhood initiative, an activist group or a civil society organisation? You play an important role in developing urban transitions pathways to sustainable future(s)? You express the need to build transnational R&I partnerships for responding to joint calls but you lack the necessary network, knowledge and institutional/financial capacity to do it?

Then apply to the Urban Doers Grant!


  • The thematic orientation of the Urban Doers’ call corresponds to the thematic pathways of DUT
  • Those organisations receiving Urban Doers Grants can use the 12months of the running time of the grant to further shape their knowledge and innovation ideas, build networks. Ideally, granted organisations, after the running time of their Urban Doers grant, will join consortia preparing proposals to answer JPI UE / DUT joint R&I Calls.
  • The winning proposals will have access to resources of a maximum of € 12,000 split into 2 categories:
    • Procurement of service: The central deliverable expected from the winning proposals is a synthesis report on the tested knowledge and experiences of urban doers’ initiatives in order to scale up and translate the urban doers’ innovations to other / larger urban contexts (EUR 9000).
    • Travel costs: The winning bids are expected to participate in on-site and online workshops, trainings and other events organised by DUT and related initiatives and organisations.
  • You will find all the necessary information here 



  • Launch of the grant: 2 May 2023
  • Deadline for applicants: 14 June 2023
  • Start of the projects: 1 September 2023


Eligibility criteria

Kind of organisation eligible: associations, non-governmental organisations, not-for-profit organisations, small-medium enterprises, entrepreneurs.
Please note that research and innovation performing organisations, universities, local public administrations and utility providers are not eligible.


Call for submission

The call for submission to the Urban Doers Grant is available here

After submitting successfully, you will receive an email with a summary of your submitted data.


For more information, please contact Gaëlle Hubert, scientific advisor in charge of European programs in Innoviris.

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