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Your goal is to realise your ambitious plan, your research or your innovation. And we are pleased to be able to support you in this endeavour with funding from the Brussels-Capital Region.

As a beneficiary of Innoviris, you will benefit from putting your project in the sun, connecting and learning from other experiences. Communication to various target groups such as press, potential partners or investors, future talent, media and also the general public helps you to increase your visibility.
This document concretises the duties of beneficiaries and Innoviris regarding communication and transparency, as mentioned in the grant agreement. Feel free to inform us about your communication projects and plans, so we can stay informed and support you where possible.

How to communicate?

Beneficiaries provide for communication and dissemination around the funded project in various formats.

When the beneficiary communicates about the project, Innoviris is clearly mentioned at all times in all communications such as (non-exhaustive list)

  • press and PR, conferences, seminars, information material such as brochures, leaflets, posters, presentations;
  • in traditional print or digital form;
  • on all infrastructure, equipment, vehicles, supplies
  • or significant results or milestones of the funded project.

On our communication page you will find all information such as our logos and house style guide as a checklist.




Funding statement


always mention when communicating about the project

Funded by the Brussels-Capital Region - Innoviris


Where necessary, translated use in text

Financé par la Région de Bruxelles-Capitale - Innoviris 

Gefinancierd door  het Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest - Innoviris



Innoviris is the public organisation that supports and funds research and innovation in the Brussels-Capital Region.


Scientific reference for Innoviris grants


When submitting a scientific publication, the name of the funder and the grant number are mentioned. Innoviris is mentioned in the Acknowledgement section of the article. Here are the phrases to be used


for mandate-related grants:

We gratefully acknowledge the Brussels-Capital Region - Innoviris (Brussels Public Organisation for Research and Innovation) for a fellowship for ‘name family’ under grant number ‘identifiant’ .


and non-mandate based grants:

We gratefully acknowledge  the Brussels-Capital Region - Innoviris (Brussels Public Organisation for Research and Innovation) for financial support under grant number ‘identifiant’ (exemple 2022-JRDIC-1).


Other texts or quotes shall be coordinated and approved in good time, at least 1 week in advance, in consultation with the communication team of Innoviris.




Our logo is an important element in recognising the public funding received and increasing visibility. Therefore, the Innoviris logo must be visibly displayed in every communication, press contact, publication, presentation, digitally and offline, regardless of the medium.

Download different formats of logos here, taking into account: 

beneficiaries use the logo 'fundedby' Innoviris for funded projects;

the basic logo may only be used on a light background;

exceptionally, a light logo may be used on a dark background;

the logo may not be modified, shortened or supplemented with other visual signs, marks or text.

When the logo is displayed together with other logos (e.g. of beneficiaries, partners or sponsors), it must be at least as noticeable and visible as the other logos on any medium where distinction from commercial logos is ensured. Think for example of website homepage on visible section of screen size (fixed and mobile), partners section, powerpoint, intro/outro of video about the beneficiary project, visual supporting material of podcasts, ...);

Shifting Economy

Beneficiaries who received funding in the following programmes should also include the Shifting Economy logo in their communications : EDIH, Innovation Voucher (IVO), Social Innovation Voucher (Innovate), Feasibility Studies (FST), Proof of Business (PoB), Circular Innovation (GIS), Prove Your Social Innovation (PYSI), R&D Project (RDI), Innovative Starter Award (ISA) en Joint R&D (JRDIC).
The Shifting Economy logos are available via the logo page.

Beneficiaries may use the logo of Innoviris and/or the Brussels Capital Region without prior permission from Innoviris, solely in order to fulfil their obligations under the grant decision and the grant agreement. However, this does not entitle them to use it for commercial or other purposes.



For the visible mention of Innoviris on the website and social media, several options are available for placing the logo 

  • on the 'about' page about the beneficiary or about the funded project,
  • visible: above the scroll line or in a separate section about partners, investors, sponsors, ... 
  • mention a separate project page, or a partner page or any other visible place.

If a separate project page is used, please take into account following requirements:

  • the Innoviris logo above scroll line
  • the summary for the general public and if desired specialists with objective, impact and results as stipulated in the grant agreement,
  • contact details of the coordinator
  • list of participants (where relevant).

There is a link to our website (in the relevant language) in digital communication such as site, blogs, digital newsletters via the logo or additional textual mention. Idem when using QR codes on communication material.

Links, tags and social media

Social media are ideal for spreading news and growing your community of fans and partners. Invest in engaging communication for your audience, and provide content that is shareable.

We use

  • #fundedbyInnoviris
  • @Innoviris (Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube)


Logo and/or mention are placed 'clickable' with a link to our website, or where relevant provided with a QR.



For print, the logo 'fundedbyInnoviris' is used as one unseperated logo, the text includes the funding statement in the language of choice, and where possible, one-liner or boilerplate (translated where relevant). Logo preferably on the cover page or on the first page after mentioning the author, the text can also be placed at the back.



When you organise events yourself, such as the official project kick-off, the inauguration of a building or expo or other, the commissioning of an important installation, webinars or other information sessions about the project, we would like to be informed about them.

When participating in 3rd-party events, conferences, dissemination, or other events with a link to the funded project, the promotional material and possible presentations should mention the logo and funding statement. However, we attach importance to paperless promotion and limitation in production of give-aways to reduce the ecological impact.



Physical for events:

  • The banners developed by the beneficiary according to his/her own needs, mention the Innoviris logo correctly in a highly visible place.
  • Alternatively, the beneficiary can use the roll-up banner of Innoviris for use during events. This is requested well in advance and is clearly visible during the event at the entrance or at the speakers' area.

Digital: logo (banner, medium.com, ...)


Audiovisual (photo, video, podcast)

The Innoviris photo library collects a few general photos that can be provided upon request. These photos can be used provided that they are labelled 'copyright Innoviris'. For video material, we appreciate the mention of Innoviris in the intro and/or outro.

Always clearly mention Innoviris and funding statement in the language of the podcast.

On the other hand, we welcome high-quality audiovisual material to highlight funded projects via the City of Innovators series or via our social media channels, for which we will also mention the stated copyrights in order to increase the visibility of our beneficiaries.



A ready to print poster (min. A3 format) template is available via simple request and via download centre (link). The poster will be displayed in a highly visible place for the duration of the project until at least 6 months after the end of the project. For example at the entrance desk of the office or lab.



Stickers are placed visibly on or in the vicinity of financed materials and equipment. Different formats can be requested via Innoviris' communication team. 


Mail & correspondence

During the project period, you as a beneficiary (and possible co-beneficiary) must visibly add the obligatory logo 'fundedbyinnoviris' in project-related correspondence and e-mail traffic, for example in the mail signature.



As a beneficiary, you can attract the attention of the press at the approval or formal start and at the conclusion of the funded project. Traditionally, projects can count on the interest of journalists through a briefing or interviews at a relevant location.

Press releases should include the following information: description of the project (who, what, where, when, how), mention of financing by the Brussels Capital Region through Innoviris, the impact on the Brussels region and inhabitants. The mention could be done either in the first paragraph (e.g. project name, funded by Innoviris, ...) or in the boilerplate of the release.  A boilerplate is a brief paragraph at the end of a press release that highlights a company or project and its core information.

When proactively approaching the press or being reactively contacted, Innoviris shall be mentioned in the same way as other sponsors or partners. Whenever possible, Innoviris will be involved for additional information.

This can be done through a mention based on the standard text, through the request of quotes from Innoviris, through requests for interviews, press conferences or others.

We are happy to support the press initiatives of our beneficiaries with a view to dissemination and we share informative articles (print/digital/audio-visual) further via our social media or website whenever possible.


Non-confidential project data for use by Innoviris

In order to meet our transparency obligation, we ask each beneficiary to provide us with a non-confidential description of the project. This text should be written in clear language (in Dutch, French and English) for a wider audience and include the visual material (such as a photo and logo), together with the title of the project, the amount and the contact person.  We encourage our beneficiaries to update this widely accessible description in the interim and upon completion of the project via the file manager. 


Reliability of information

Any communication or dissemination must use factually correct information with the mention 'financed by Innoviris for the Brussels Region' (translated if necessary). Since some views belong to the author(s), add where relevant 'neither the Brussels Region nor Innoviris can be held responsible for the content of this document'.


Sound agreements make ... good stories ! 

We motivate you to communicate fully and it is also  important to strictly follow our brand guidelines and the communication kit.

Preparing a  large campaign with impact, doubts or considering a change? Don't hesitate to get in touch with the communication team in time for consultation and approval before effective use.

Communication material that deviates from the brand guidelines or communication kit must be coordinated with the Innoviris communications team at least 7 days in advance or according to an agreed schedule in bilingual FR/NL. Non-compliant communication material must be removed.


Feel free to contact the communication team for questions or consultation.


For press and PR, please contact Sophie Messens.


This information is valid at the time of publication and may be subject to change. (Version CK 082022)

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