Innoviris is the public organisation that funds and supports research and innovation in the Brussels-Capital Region. The Brussels region faces enormous societal challenges around mobility, health, climate, social cohesion and economic transition. We support small and large businesses, research centres and the non-profit sector in developing creative solutions for the region of tomorrow, for the well-being and prosperity of every citizen in Brussels.


Innoviris strategically and financially strenghtens and supports research and innovation in the Brussels-Capital Region with a view to raising awareness and solving the challenges of our society in an ethical way and within the limits of our planet.



Innoviris' vision for 2025 has six axes:

  1. Innoviris has aligned its actions with the Intelligent Specialisation Strategy and the Regional Innovation Plan 2021-2027. Innoviris analyses the impact of its activities according to the final objectives defined in the Regional Innovation Plan and the regional strategic plans and has optimised and adjusted its activities and instruments in view of these objectives.
  2. Innoviris has gathered the best expertise on the research and innovation system in the Region and on the use of innovative subsidy or awareness raising instruments. Innoviris plays a decisive role in defining a long-term Research and Innovation strategy, in partnership with the entire ecosystem.
  3. The Region's actors active in research and innovation make optimal use of regional, European and international resources thanks to Innoviris' actions.
  4. Innoviris is a "the best place to work" and sets an example, especially in terms of inclusion and diversity. This has been recognised through external benchmarking and/or internal feedback results.
  5. Innoviris manages all its processes in an efficient, simple and predictable way in order to achieve the highest levels of service for our beneficiaries, partners and the citizens. Innoviris has an internal structure, optimised processes and the necessary tools to support this operation with the smallest environmental footprint.
  6. Innoviris is a resilient and agile organization that is able to deal with changes in its environment in an organised way.


Brussels, City of Innovators

With the support of Innoviris, their skills, their innovative ideas and their enthusiasm boost evolution in the Brussels-Capital Region. Meet the innovators that shape the future of Brussels.
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