Let's meet for a dazzling science celebration.

For three days from 13 to 15 October, Tour & Taxis will become the Valhalla for science fans who can have a great time at over 60 interactive workshops and 8 science trucks on more than 11,500 m².

Innoviris invites young and not so young to the I Love Science Festival, to awaken the slumbering scientist that lurks in everyone.  

A dazzling festival where young and not-so-young actively experiment with science themselves, around themes such as art, technology, creativity, space, humans, ingenuity and nature. 

What can you expect at the 5th edition of the I Love Science Festival ?

Big and small questions will be answered and even mysteries solved using science and technology.

World record holder distance hoverboard flight Alexandru Duru will show that people really can fly, Lego and AI will help us to build the city of the future, and from Newton and VUB we will learn how to launch our own water rocket.

Mr Bin combines psychology and AI to help us sort waste, Green Fabric links electronics, gender with textiles and BOZAR clarifies the northern lights with the art installation "KEOEEIT" by Belgian digital artist Mathieu Zurstrassen. 

Fan of CSI ? As a CSI 'crime scene investigator' from Erasmushogeschool you will analyse hair, saliva and blood to solve a crime. At Luminal Space Lab, we discover how light and colour can influence your perception and emotions as a human being. Or how about a trip to Mars thanks to VR? Creative people can make their own animated films, engrave on glass or do acoustic painting.

Besides this far too limited selection of highlights, more discoveries can be found on the programme.

The festival, good for some 15,000 visitors every year, is completely free. Everyone is welcome to get a taste of the wonderful world of sciences on 13, 14 and 15 October

Place to be: shed 1 (and 1a) and shed 2 (and 2a) of Tour & Taxis. There will also be lots to do outside at 8 science trucks. The Flying Man will give impressive hoverboard demonstrations every day at 11:00 and 14:00.

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