You are a Brussels research organisation and you wish to obtain a proof of concept or proof of the socio-economic relevance of your research results for an innovative technology, method or idea? One of our grants may be just what you are looking for.

Are you eligible?

  • You have your head office in the Brussels-Capital Region.
  • You want to obtain a proof of concept (development of a prototype, validation of tests or on-site demo) for your research results, or proof of the socio-economic relevance of your results to validate them.
  • Your project’s supervisor is a professor or accredited researcher of your research organization, or is your research director.

Find out more about the terms and conditions for eligibility in our regulations.  

The procedure in 2 steps

  • The application is introduced electronically via  the regional platform 'Irisbox / My Brussels' by the KTO/KTI of the beneficiary research organisation after approval by the latter's authorities. They can be entered at any time. Via the regional platform, you can not only submit your application electronically, but you can also follow up your current grants and consult  some information about your research organisation. How to proceed?
    • Register your organization once on CSAM. If your organization is already registered on CSAM for other federal or regional services, you can skip this step. Do you need help with this step of the procedure ? Consult the manual or contact CSAM
    • As an employee of your organization, log in to Irisbox via Itsme or eID. You can add other employees if necessary. Do you need help with this step of the procedure ? Please contact Irisline
    • Go to the Proof of Concept application form via the search bar of Innoviris and fill in the form online. Do you have any questions about the content of the online form? Contact the Innoviris contact person.​


  • Innoviris will analyse your project’s quality and relevance, as well as its impact on the employment, economy and sustainable development of the Brussels-Capital Region.


The procedure is explained in the regulations. Applications submitted using an other form or manner shall not be taken into consideration.


Other information


Your project must be completed within 6 to 15 months  (not extendable or renewable and may not have started before you submitted your application.

Your application must be submitted under the cover of the Rector, the Director-President of the university college, or the person legally authorized to commit your research organization.


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