Would you like to organise an event to promote science to children, young people or the general public? Do you want to attract young people in Brussels to STEM fields of study and careers, or encourage a scientific culture in Brussels? Our SP-Event finances your temporary science promotion events such as exhibitions, competitions, shows, festivals, etc.

To continue supporting your projects effectively, we are optimizing our current STEM programme by replacing it with two new programmes: SP-EVENT and SP-PROGRAM.

Attention! The "old" STEM program will continue for another three months, until March 2024. If you still have plans for events in 2024 or a series of activities for the next school year, they must be submitted to Innoviris before 31 March 2024.


Programme specifics :

  • Projects must concern events ('occasional or recurring') that are clearly defined in terms of their objective and duration.
  • They must be limited in time, i.e. temporary (taking place at a specific time or for a specific period), which contrasts with the continuous nature of the SP-PROGRAM activity programmes.
  • They may therefore be one-off events or recur annually or at regular intervals.
  • They are also limited in purpose, meaning that they are a clearly defined activity.
  • Examples include exhibitions, competitions, festivals, meetings, and performances.
  • Events are publicly advertised and open to all, whether paid for or not.

In the Q&A below, you'll find some answers to the initial questions we asked at the last Science Promotion Network networking event.

All documents will be available from 1 April 2024.

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