Bel Albatros takes plastic waste and recycles it, transforming it locally into a responsible, sustainable new material that combines aesthetics with the qualities and characteristics of plastic.

The idea is to offer an alternative to plastic materials currently on the market. It is a strong value proposition: making beauty out of waste.

Produced in a workshop in the centre of Brussels, these panels are 100% recyclable and suitable for the most common indoor and outdoor applications: furniture, cladding, worktops, etc., while offering a strong visual identity.

The products are aimed at professionals who want to limit their ecological footprint while benefiting from the technical properties of plastic. They are available in a variety of shades and finishes, from translucent to terrazzo to marbled. The challenge is to produce bubble-free, wave-free panels with a constant thickness and a smooth texture. To achieve this, a whole series of processes must be implemented to ensure product quality.


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The impact of Bel Albatros on Brussels and its inhabitants

"Regarding target markets, we're conducting research and development so that we can evolve and approach collectors like Bruxelles-Propreté or large Brussels companies. With Innoviris' support, we've also hired people from Brussels and have many customers in Brussels. When transformed, this raw material gives life to an entire ecosystem: architects, contractors, stores or restaurants that use it to fit out their premises."


How has Innoviris' support helped you with your project?

Innoviris' funding had an extremely positive impact on this project, enabling Bel Albatros to test different techniques and hire an engineer to help improve the panel curing process. Guilain and his team are also considering filing a patent.

Our Industrial Research team supported Bel Albatros in the "Circular Innovation: re-use & recycle" programme through our Scientific Advisor, Gilles Ysebaert.

Innoviris challenges us. We need to have a general technical overview of what we've already done, what we're doing and what we want to do. All these phases must also be delivered correctly. It's something we're not used to doing in our company. With Innoviris, we have to write down everything we do and quantify it, which enables us to make great improvements. It's a very beneficial constraint. In addition to that, Innoviris offers us considerable financial support.


Who is Guilain Sevriere?

Guilain Sevriere is the founder of Bel Albatros, a company that recycles plastics in the Brussels region.


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