Platform dedicated to the 4 public Brussels incubators

Centre dedicated to social and cooperative entrepreneurship in Brussels

The public service responsible for the professional training of French-speaking job-seekers and workers of the Brussels Capital Region

Private research centre that aims at promoting applied research in the sector as well as increasing its competitiveness

Collective centre of the technology industry that helps companies to make technological choices and to realise their innovation projects

Brussels agency for business support

Network of SMEs and partners active in the TECH industry

Cluster providing advice and guidance to start-ups and companies active in the environment and sustainable energy sectors as well as those who adopt a sustainable or circular economic model

The network of Brussels’ sustainable construction and renovation actors in Brussels

Support structure for the Brussels’ audiovisual industry

Cluster which brings together all stakeholders in the tourism, events and culture sector in Brussels

Cluster that aims at facilitating the development of projects related to the health and health care sector in the Brussels Capital Region

Professional reference centre for the IT-sector of the Brussels Capital Region

Center for professional references of the metalworking industry and the technology industry

Platforms that connects companies and creative talent in the fashion and design sector

Brussels Life Science Incubator

Business and innovation centre

Incubator for green, sustainable or environment-linked projects

Incubator in ICT and engineering sector

Brussels, City of Innovators

With the support of Innoviris, their skills, their innovative ideas and their enthusiasm boost evolution in the Brussels-Capital Region. Meet the innovators that shape the future of Brussels.
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