As part of the BISSIB network, Innoviris, together with COOPCITY, is organizing a meeting with actors in the field of social innovation in order to better understand their needs in terms of (financial) support from the Brussels public authorities and to identify the obstacles to development that they have encountered during their interactions with public or (semi) private financiers.

Two of BISSIB's main objectives are to promote the recognition and visibility of social innovation and to bring more resources to project leaders. As part of the regional economic transition strategy, Innoviris is starting to reflect on adapting its programs to new types of actors such as social entrepreneurs. Therefore, it is important to gather first-hand feedback and insights from the various stakeholders in the field, in particular from new or established social entrepreneurs themselves. This will make it possible to develop support instruments better suited to the concrete needs of entrepreneurs and social innovators.

Target audience

  • Social entrepreneurs and/or actors active in social innovation;
  • Collective assistance and support structures for social entrepreneurs;
  • Members of the BISSIB network.


  • 9h00-9h20: Welcome & breakfast
  • 9h20-9h30 : Introduction
  • 9h30-11h40 : Workshops in different groups
  • 11h40-11h55: Group discussion
  • 11h55-12h00 : End
13 January 2020 09:30 Innoviris
Chaussée de Charleroi 110
1060 Brussels
shifting economy Ecodyn

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