We are delighted to introduce our new Deputy Director General Mrs. Marie-Carmen Bex to you. On December 1st we welcomed her with great enthusiasm.

Marie-Carmen Bex is Deputy Director-General of INNOVIRIS, the public funding organisation of research and innovation in the Brussels-Capital Region. Marie-Carmen Bex is no stranger to research and innovation (R&I) in Belgium. Formerly, she was the Belgian spokesperson for the European negotiations of the Horizon Europe framework program 2021-2027, next to her role of senior advisor at the Federal Science Policy Office (BELSPO). With over 25 years of experience in R&I policies, she knows the institutional and political arcanes related to research and innovation thoroughly.

She kicks off her mandate with 4 major projects:

     - the launch of the Regional Innovation Plan 2021-2025, the Brussels Innovation Roadmap for the next 5 years;

     - the strengthening of Innoviris as a resource for development and innovation at the service of the Brussels ecosystem;

     - developing the representation of Brussels researchers at international levels;

     - ensuring the well-being of the employees of Innoviris, as they are the capital of the institute and the cornerstone of its successful missions.


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