We are delighted to introduce our new Deputy Director General Mrs. Marie-Carmen Bex to you. On December 1st we welcomed her with great enthusiasm.

Marie-Carmen Bex is no stranger to research and innovation (R&I) in Brussels. As Belgian spokesperson she recently negotiated on both regional as European level for the new Horizon Europe framework program and in favour of the continuation of the activities of the European Institute of Technology (EIT), next to her role at the Federal Science Policy Office (BELSPO). With over 20 years of experience, she knows the institutional and political mysteries related to research and innovation thoroughly. Marie-Carmen Bex wishes to share her expertise with all science actors in Brussels, both public and private.

She kicks off her mandate with 4 major projects:

     - the launch of the Regional Innovation Plan 2021-2025, the Brussels Innovation Roadmap for the next 5 years;

     - the strengthening of Innoviris as a resource for development and innovation at the service of the Brussels ecosystem;

     - developing the representation of Brussels researchers at international levels;

     - ensuring the well-being of the employees of Innoviris, as they are the capital of the institute and the cornerstone of its successful missions.


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