Stefaan brings experience as a manager and entrepreneur to Innoviris.  After training and a PhD as an engineer in robotics, software and artificial intelligence (KULeuven, Stanford University), Stefaan held management positions in small and large technology companies in the US and in Germany.  As CEO of a software startup, Stefaan went through the whole cycle from technology transfer, prototyping, attracting investors and international growth to a successful exit. Our new Director General recently spent a year studying at Oxford University to prepare for his transition to the public sector.


   He kicks off his mandate with 4 major projects:

           - Develop a strategic plan that best supports the innovation ecosystem in Brussels and the objectives of the Brussels Region

           - Encourage and support entrepreneurs and small businesses, in particular, in the development of innovative products

           - Strengthening the international image of the Brussels Region

           - Encouraging a culture within Innoviris that combines personal development and initiative with a strong vision


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