The LUMI porting program aims to help research groups and companies interested in making their scientific software utilize the new AMD GPU-compute architecture in LUMI to the fullest, in collaboration with experts from LUMI.

We are looking for proposals outlining a team porting effort of an existing software. The scope should be limited so that the task can be accomplished in less than one year with a project team of ca 4 people working part-time.

LUMI is one of the two EuroHPC pre-exascale systems currently being assembled. LUMI is a mostly GPU-accelerated system built by HPE-Cray using AMD Epyc CPUs and AMD Instinct GPUs. It has an architecture similar to the USA exascale system Frontier. It will be operated by CSC, the national supercomputer centre of Finland. Leonardo on the other hand is based on Intel CPUs and NVIDIA GPUs. It will be operated by CINECA, the Italian national supercomputer centre. A third pre-exascale system may be assembled at the Barcelona Supercomputer Center. EuroHPC is currently also installing five petascale systems. 


Do you want to apply ? Find all the information here. Please put Jonathan Duplicy ( in copy of your application. 

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