Are you a company (small, medium or large) and would you like to check the technical feasibility and possibilities of your innovation? We finance 50 to 70% of the cost of a technical feasibility study carried out in-house, by a specialised institution or by a recognised consultant with at least 2 years of experience.

When are you eligible?

  • You are a company, active in the Brussels-Capital Region.
  • Your R&D project must have a positive impact on the economy, employment and/or sustainable development of the Region.
  • You can cover part of the costs of the project.
  • You have fulfilled your obligations from previous support from the Brussels-Capital Region.

The procedure in 3 steps?

  • Submit the application form electronically via the regional platform 'Irisbox / My Brussels' or by filling out the form at the bottom of this page. If you wish to submit your file electronically, please follow the guidelines below: 
    • Register your company once on CSAM. If your company is already registered on CSAM for other federal or regional services, you can skip this step. Do you need help with this step of the procedure ? Consult the manual or contact CSAM.
    • As an employee of your company, log in to Irisbox via Itsme or eID. You can add other employees if necessary. Do you need help with this step of the procedure ? Please contact Irisline.
    • Go to the Feasibility Studies application form via the search bar of Innoviris and fill in the form online. Do you need help filling in the form? Contact the Innoviris contact person.
  • Our advisors will analyse whether your application is eligible.
  • If your application is eligible, your project can start immediately.

Applications can be submitted throughout the year. 


Good to know 

  • 'Specialised institution' refers to a university, college or collective research centre.
  • The percentage of your contribution depends on the focus of your project (industrial research or experimental development).


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