The Belgian federal and regional authorities have launched the official call for expression of interest

The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted the need for Europe to have sufficient capacity to develop and produce essential health products (such as pharmaceuticals and vaccines) and the need to improve European coordination in the health sector in order to strengthen its autonomy and to respond effectively and efficiently to future health crises.

In order to address the current market failures in the health value chain and to support the development of health innovations, the Belgian federal and regional authorities have taken the decision to consider, together with several other Member States, the creation of a potential IPCEI (Major Project of Common European Interest) in the health sector.

This IPCEI call also aims to contribute to bringing health goods and services onto the European market at a fair price, including price transparency.

Purpose of the call for proposals

This call for proposals targeted economic players interested in participating in innovative projects on a European scale through various partnerships in the European economic value chain.

The aim of the call is to identify the actors who could participate in such European-scale projects in the health sector on the territory of the authorities concerned.

The economic operators are invited to submit projects in the field of:

  • Renewal and greening of technologies and production processes for APIs (active pharmaceutical ingredients), medicines and pharmaceutical products including associated products for i.a. administration and preservation
  • Innovation in antimicrobial resistance, rare diseases and emerging health threats
  • Innovative cell and gene therapy technologies, platforms and manufacturing processes.

Matchmaking for indirect partners

In the meanwhile the first IPCEI Health has been submitted for prenotification to the European Commission. The proces however still permits the implication of Indirect Partners. Therefore a call is launched to permit interested partners to participate to the match making proces.

The registration for indirect partners for the matchmaking on the platform opens February 13 2023. The matchmaking starts March 6th 2023. Indirect partners can be (all Brussels-based) universities, hospitals and companies active in the health sector. Register here.

Interested parties are encouraged to contact Kourosch Abbaspour Tehrani for further clarification. Click below for more information. 

More information on the past IPCEI Health call

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