Under recent crises - the triple Covid, Climate and Conflict - scientists have been both applauded and questioned.  

Today, everyone seems to have an opinion, but no one seems to listen to each other.Is this due to a lack of trust or to a lack of understanding of the scientific processes?

Is the citizen more than ever divided by science? What is the role of science and awareness-raising actors?

Round Table reflexions

In the STEM Call 2022 (closed in April), we called on projects to work on this particular relationship of trust between society and science. The STEM Promotion Network Brussels reflected on 3 major societal challenges during 4 roundtable discussions moderated by Innoviris at the end of April. 

We have now summarised these discussions for you in a well-structured report with SWOT, in which we have grouped the three themes together because there were many parallels between the discussions. The result is a cross-pollination between the scientific insights discussed and the experiences and good practices of the sensibilisation actors.

The report is available in French and Dutch on our site, we wish you pleasant reading and look forward to meeting you at the next event!

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