uWare Robotics develops autonomous robotic solutions specifically for the constraints of the underwater world. In a manner of speaking, uWare was designed underwater to be developed on Brussels soil.  A diving enthusiast, founder Christophe Chatillon has seen first hand how our oceans are suffering because of pollution. The uOne is a small-scale underwater robot that can be used and deployed by a single person to collect data in highly demanding environments in a safe, sustainable and repeatable way.

The uWare underwater robot can be used for underwater tasks in all areas of the maritime world: infrastructure inspection, ecological conservation and seabed mapping. The project includes a host of technical challenges such as limited-visibility Li-Fi communication and imaging, which are specific to the environment in which the underwater drone will operate.

Watch our short video City of Innovators with uWare Robotics here !

The impact on Brussels

In addition to creating jobs in their specific field of robotics, uWare Robotics also shows anyone interested in entrepreneurship and innovation that with the right support, it's possible to take on exciting cutting-edge subjects without having to be a start-up involved in the heart of Silicon Valley.


How has Innoviris' support helped you with your project?

Since the beginning of the project, Innoviris has supported us with various grants that have enabled us to cover our substantial R&D costs at every stage, from the feasibility study to validation of a final prototype. Our experience with Innoviris has been very positive. Without Innoviris, we couldn't have launched this project. We were also well supported during Covid-19, where we faced a few difficulties. Innoviris' support was faultless during this period, says Meidi Garcia.


Our Industrial Research team supported uWare Robotics via our Innovative Starters Award program  thanks to our Scientific Advisor, François Billen. 


Advice for future innovators

Anyone interested in innovation or who has an idea that aims to improve life in Brussels or elsewhere should apply for a grant. I think there are a lot of innovative ideas out there just waiting to take shape, but they're often dropped due to a lack of funding. What Innoviris offers in the way of grants at different stages of the project is genuinely what Brussels innovators need.


Who is Meidi Garcia?

  • Meidi Garcia is a robotics engineer.
  •  He is responsible for data processing at uWare Robotics, a start-up specialising in data-driven engineering solutions for coastal environments.

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