" With the latest development in AI and Computer Vision, there are incredible opportunities to address."

The uWare story started with…

After several successful companies in the software, web and mobile fields, I wanted to launch another business in the robotics industry. With the latest development in AI and Computer Vision, there are incredible opportunities to address. But I am also in love with the oceans, which need our help today to be protected and develop in a more sustainable way. So the idea to develop an autonomous underwater robot was obvious. I have discussed with a lot of people in sea-related industries and organisations to better understand their needs. I have fine-tuned the specifications of our robot, and the uOne, the first smart cost-effective and lightweight underwater robot at uWare was born!

Biggest challenges and milestones

Our biggest challenge was a technical one. Communication is very difficult underwater, as there is no wifi, Bluetooth, 4G or GPS. In order to deliver an autonomous robot, able to position itself in real time and stay wirelessly connected with an operator on a boat, we had to hire the right team, develop innovative technologies, create a first prototype, then a second, then a third...

Where are you today, and what are your future plans?

Today the final version of the prototype is ready, able to address most of the needs we have identified in the environmental, transport, aquaculture, telecom or energy sectors: seabed analysis, exploration, inspection of boats or underwater infrastructure, etc.

Before finalizing the MVP and launching the production, we are working with partners and potential clients on Proof of Concepts. 

Golden tip for innovators?

We are at the start of an incredible period full of innovations, in all the fields. Many problems in our societies will be solved thanks to technology. All these opportunities must be addressed by entrepreneurs. And access to funding is easier than before. It is a great time to launch a business. Either local or international, either small or big. And if your first iteration is not successful, keep faith in you and try again. With perseverance, you’ll make it!

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