Urban resilience? The Brussels-Capital Region is confronted with a number of major crises that affect the daily lives of the inhabitants of Brussels: economic vulnerability, population flows, limited availability of resources, disruption of natural cycles, mobility, housing, density and inclusion of space, distribution and inequality among the population, and so on.    Challenges that do not stand alone. They turn the city into a large interconnected whole in which every single disruption can have an impact on the whole, directly or indirectly. The urban balance is threatened. This threat means that the city must adapt and transform.

Each Co-Creation project is a gateway to this new urban future

Projects start from a relevant urban service and look at its weaknesses, without forgetting the interaction with other services. From there, the projects investigate a situation in which those services would cease, and explore how a new desired and sustainable balance could be achieved.

Since 2015, Innoviris, through the Co-Creation programme, has been supporting co-creative experiments and knowledge production in the service of urban resilience.

Exploring, experimenting and learning in co-creation

In a Co-Creation project, all actors involved undertake the exploratory expedition together. Co-Creation starts from the assumption that knowledge production should not be the task of academic researchers or centres of expertise alone. The projects integrate different types of knowledge and expertise, from a multitude of actors. In addition to scientific expertise, they also recognise "lived" experience, experience from a particular practice or field, institutional expertise, and so on. All these different perspectives contribute to the construction of new knowledge.

By strongly anchoring their activities, processes and objectives in society, the Co-Creation projects broaden the scope of innovative research so that it can better serve the well-being of the city.

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Contact person within Innoviris for Co-Creation:

Xavier Hulhoven
Scientific Advisor

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