Do you have an idea to get children, young people or the general public in Brussels interested in science and technology? Through our STEM programme (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics), your science promotion project can become a reality!
To continue supporting your projects effectively, we are optimising our current STEM programme from 1/4/2024 by replacing it with two new programmes :
1.SP-EVENT for events promoting science (exhibitions, competitions, shows or festivals) and defined in time (temporary events).
2.SP-PROGRAM for programmes (continuous series) of activities linked to the promotion of science (training courses, extra-curricular activities, workshops, conferences or holiday camps).

When are you eligible?

  • You have a company, a non-profit organisation or you are active in a research institute with at least one office in the Brussels-Capital Region.
  • You are involved in science promotion activities
  • Your activities have an impact on children, young people or the general public in the Brussels-Capital Region.

You can find the eligibility criteria in the regulations.

The procedure in 3 steps?


The regional platform allows you to submit your application electronically. You can also track your file our look up some details of your organization. Follow the guidelines below. 

  • Register your organization once on CSAM. If your organization is already registered on CSAM for other federal or regional services, you can skip this step. Do you need help with this step of the procedure ? Consult the manual or contact CSAM.
  • As an employee of your organization, log in to Irisbox via Itsme or eID. You can add other employees if necessary. Do you need help with this step of the procedure ? Please contact Irisline.
  • Go to the STEM project application form via the search bar of Innoviris and fill in the form online. Do you need help filling in the form? Contact the Innoviris contact person.


  • Following a positive evaluation, you will be awarded a subsidy and receive the first instalment.
  • At the end of your project, following the evaluation of your financial and activity reports, you will receive the balance of the subsidy.


What else do you need to know?

This subsidy is awarded on the basis of European legislation on de minimis aid.

As a beneficiary, you must ensure that the total amount of de minimis aid you receive does not exceed €200,000 over a period of three years.

After submitting your grant application, you will receive confirmation of your application within 2 hours. If you do not receive such confirmation, you must contact us in any case.

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