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policybrief_22_coneci.pdf pdf 774.64 KB CONECI
policybrief_22_circular_city.pdf pdf 100.43 KB CIRCULAR CITY
belcoo_event_18042023.pdf pdf 1.6 MB BELCOO event 18/04/2023
innoviris_cps_rapportannuel_fr_2021.pdf pdf 254.59 KB Rapport Annuel CPS FR 2021
innoviris_cps_rapportannuel_nl_2021.pdf pdf 251.84 KB Activiteitenverslag 2021
ivoc2023_action_guide.pdf pdf 208.98 KB IVOC2023_Action Guide
ivoc2023_terms_and_conditions_accreditation_of_rd_centres.pdf pdf 198.56 KB IVOC2023_Terms and Conditions_Accreditation of R&D centres
ivoc2023_application_form_for_centres_recognised_in_their_own_right_for_accreditation_under_the_funding_programme.docx docx 76.93 KB IVOC2023_Application form for centres recognised in their own right for accreditation under the funding programme
ivoc2023_application_form_for_accreditation_under_the_funding_programme.docx docx 83.59 KB IVOC2023_Application form for accreditation under the funding programme
ivoc2023_declaration_applicant_qualification.docx docx 60.37 KB IVOC2023_declaration_applicant_qualification
Fiche produit EN pdf 103.35 KB Fiche produit EN
fr_61_avis.pdf pdf 201.29 KB fr_avis_61
rwb_advies_61.pdf pdf 194.15 KB rwb_advies_61
19th_taftie_high_potential_e-pitch_session_-_outline_information.pdf pdf 782.27 KB 19th Taftie High Potential E-Pitch Session organized by EuroQuity
Q&A EN pdf 113.92 KB SP-Program
Q&A EN pdf 113.92 KB SP-Event
innoviris-fundedby_poster_beneficiaries-comm_kit.pdf pdf 2 MB Comm kit_poster
policybrief_23_algopinion_en_13.02.pdf pdf 98.22 KB ALGOPINION EN
policybrief_23_uamn18_en_13.02.pdf pdf 100.4 KB UAMIN18+ EN
policybrief_23_mirage_en_13.02.pdf pdf 93.72 KB MIRAGE EN

Brussels, City of Innovators

With the support of Innoviris, their skills, their innovative ideas and their enthusiasm boost evolution in the Brussels-Capital Region. Meet the innovators that shape the future of Brussels.
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