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Budget SP-Event FR xlsx 1.32 MB SP-Event
Budget SP-Event NL xlsx 1.32 MB SP-Event
Q&A EN pdf 113.92 KB SP-Event
Règlement EU aides minimis pdf 594.06 KB SP-Event
Reglement EU de minimissteun pdf 590.8 KB SP-Event
Folder madelief pdf 497.01 KB SP-Event
innoviris-fundedby_poster_beneficiaries-comm_kit.pdf pdf 2 MB Comm kit_poster
policybrief_23_algopinion_en_13.02.pdf pdf 98.22 KB ALGOPINION EN
policybrief_23_uamn18_en_13.02.pdf pdf 100.4 KB UAMIN18+ EN
policybrief_23_mirage_en_13.02.pdf pdf 93.72 KB MIRAGE EN
policybrief_23_mirage_en_13.02.pdf pdf 93.72 KB BRU-HOME EN
policybrief_23_gosette_en_13.02.pdf pdf 143.34 KB GOSETTE EN
policybrief_23_co-nature_en_13.02.pdf pdf 112.34 KB CO-NATURE EN
policybrief_23_cap-smart_en_13.02.pdf pdf 100.57 KB CAP-SMART EN
policybrief_23_hyper_en_13.02.pdf pdf 363.92 KB HYPER EN
policybrief_23_measinb_en_13.02.pdf pdf 84.28 KB MEASINB EN
policybrief_23_misafir_en_13.02.pdf pdf 141.97 KB MISAFIR EN
Circular Innovation Form docx 477.77 KB Circular Innovation: Re-use & Recycle
Circular Terms and Conditions docx 167.34 KB Circular Innovation: Re-use & Recycle

Brussels, City of Innovators

With the support of Innoviris, their skills, their innovative ideas and their enthusiasm boost evolution in the Brussels-Capital Region. Meet the innovators that shape the future of Brussels.
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