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spin_off_form_part_1_general_information_en.docx docx 81.62 KB SPIN OFF_Form PART 1_general information_EN
spin_off_form_part_2_project_presentation_en.docx docx 153.71 KB SPIN OFF_Form PART 2_project presentation_EN
general_presentation_pysi_21092021.pdf pdf 6.16 MB General Presentation_PYSI_21092021
Gewestelijk Innovatieplan Brussel 2021 2027 pdf 2.11 MB 6 strategische innovatiedomeinen voor Brussel
Gewestelijk Innovatieplan Brussel Innoviris pdf 2.11 MB 6 Strategic Innovation Domains for Brussels
reglement_eu_aides_minimis_nl.pdf pdf 756.37 KB test
comm kit Innovative Starters Award UK jun docx 121.4 KB The Innovative Starters Award is back
comm kit Innovative Starters Award UK pics docx 121.4 KB The Innovative Starters Award is back
Presentation Innovative Startup Event pdf 2.02 MB PPT - Innovative Startup Event
Science and Society Brussels STEM Network 2022 Innoviris pdf 117.94 KB science & society in dialogue
projets_2021.pdf pdf 140.74 KB PYSI_Projets_2021
Gender Equality Plan pdf 327.88 KB Gender Equality Plan
gep_innoviris_en.pdf pdf 327.88 KB gep_en
policybrief_22_sucib.pdf pdf 265.53 KB SUCIB
policybrief_22_secur.pdf pdf 108.54 KB SECUR
policybrief_22_plab.pdf pdf 994.46 KB PLAB
policybrief_22_out2in.pdf pdf 662.69 KB OUT2IN
policybrief_22_jep.pdf pdf 95.25 KB JEP
policybrief_22_greenquiet.pdf pdf 116.96 KB GREEN&QUIET
policybrief_22_empoweryouth.pdf pdf 129.45 KB EMPOWERYOUTH

Brussels, City of Innovators

With the support of Innoviris, their skills, their innovative ideas and their enthusiasm boost evolution in the Brussels-Capital Region. Meet the innovators that shape the future of Brussels.
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